What is Oracle

Oracle is one of the largest vendors in the enterprise IT market and the shorthand name of its flagship product, a relational database management system (RDBMS) that’s formally called Oracle Database. The database software sits at the center of many corporate IT environments, supporting a mix of transaction processing, business intelligence and analytics applications.

In 1979, Oracle Corp. was the first company to commercialize an RDBMS platform, and it’s still the leading database vendor by a wide margin in terms of revenue. Driven primarily by sales of Oracle Database, it had a 40.4% share of worldwide database software revenues in 2016, according to Gartner; that was down two percentage points from 2015, but still twice the share of second-place Microsoft.

In the ensuing decades after launching the RDBMS technology, Oracle greatly expanded its product portfolio through internal development and numerous acquisitions. It now also sells several other databases, multiple line of business applications, data analytics software, middleware, computer systems, data storage equipment, development tools and other technologies. In addition, Oracle is working to establish itself as a leading cloud computing vendor, after initially being slow to embrace the cloud.

But Oracle Database is still the technology that is most commonly associated with the company; it’s also the primary data management platform for Oracle’s applications and the data warehouse, BI and analytics systems that Oracle offers to customers.

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Oracle Certification Courses Training

Oracle Certifications are ideal for IT professionals who want to grow their skills and become certified experts in their field of work. An Oracle certification grants its holders a wider range of opportunities to advance in their careers and they can join the Oracle community with more than 2.2 million certified members. 

The Oracle Cloud and developer certifications are available for completion at various levels of expertise, starting from the foundation course to a specialist. The Oracle badge that comes with the certification will inform hiring managers and recruiters of your excellent knowledge and skills on the same. Checkout the dates below to enroll for the course of your choice today!

Who can take up Oracle Certification Training?

The target audience varies for individual certificate courses. It is recommended that working professionals who have a background in IT and security obtain Oracle certifications. If they are already using Oracle platforms at their organization, the certification acts as proof of knowledge, expertise and skill in their field. 

  • App developers
  • IT support

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Salary Prospects of Oracle Certified Professionals

Today, there is huge demand for technically certified professionals in enterprises across industry sectors. In this regard, Oracle certifications are some of the most popular technical certifications out there in the market. To gain a proper understanding of Oracle certification popularity, let’s take a look at salaries of Oracle certified professionals around the world.

Job Prospects for Oracle Certified Professionals

Oracle certified professionals are in great demand due to almost all companies using Oracle software and other tools for various critical processes. In such a scenario, there is a greater need for professionals who need both fundamental and in-depth understanding of Oracle software and tools and how to best utilize them in their day-to-day jobs. Some of the popular companies that are hiring for Oracle certified professionals are Fujitsu, Collabera, Jacobs, Venga Global, Spin Systems, Compqsoft, Sonoco, Altius technologies, and more.

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